William Joseph "B.J." Blazkowicz is the main protagonist of The Dark Army series. He's an American special agent of the Office of Secret Actions.

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In 1943, B.J. Blazkowicz put a stop to Operation Resurrection by killing Heinrich I. Over a year later, he stopped the Nazis from accomplishing Project Nachtsonne.

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On December 9, 1944, B.J. Blazkowicz was ordered to infiltrate a village in Northern Germany to retrieve the Dark Relic from a ancient crypt underground. Upon infiltrating the crypt, B.J. eliminates the head of the excavations, Christoph Machtig, but is unable to obtain the relic and was lured into a trap by the nazis.

B.J. was then taken to Deathshead's base where one of his assistants, Karl von Starke, tortured him and gave him a scar on his face before ordering him to be locked in a cell. A little later, B.J. escapes the cell and shoots his way through the base until he encounters Deathshead himself. After a gunfight involving one of Deathshead's Super Soldiers, B.J. recieves a call from Jack Stone warning him of a mercenary group infiltrating the base.

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