The Dark Relic is an ancient artifact found in a crypt in Northern Germany.

Background Edit

In 943 AD, a former Benedictine monk named Simon the Wanderer formed an alchemic pact in a crypt under a North German village. He apparently sacrificed all of his followers to create the Dark Relic, which he used to defeat the dark knights and seal Heinrich I into the earth. After his battle, Simon returned to the crypt and sealed the relic inside.

History Edit

The Dark Army: Uprising Edit

Over a millennium later, in December 1944, General Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse ordered ground troops led by Christoph Machtig to that very same village to retrieve the Dark Relic. When they succeeded, Deathshead tested the relic on Lopers, before using the power for his Super Soldiers.

What little energy that remained was used for Wilhelm von Starke's Tesla 44-DR.