Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse is the main antagonist of The Dark Army: Uprising and a supporting antagonist in The Dark Army: Downfall.

Background Edit

Deathshead has been involved in a few operations by the Nazis thwarted by B.J. Blazkowicz, such as Operation Resurrection and Project Nachtsonne.

The Dark Army Edit

Uprising Edit

Weeks after his survival, Deathshead, assisted by Karl and Wilhelm von Starke, ordered troops led by Christoph Machtig to a village in Northern Germany for archaeological excavations in order to retrieve a powerful alchemical artifact known as the Dark Relic. Deathshead would then use the relic to power his mechanical troops called the Dark Army.

However, the Office of Secret Actions found out about the operation, and they sent B.J. Blazkowicz to stop him. When Blazkowicz encountered him at his base, Deathshead sent one of his super soldiers powered by the Dark Relic to kill him. But after an intense firefight, Blazkowicz disables the soldier and Deathshead runs deeper into the base, possibly setting off an alarm.

Downfall Edit

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